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The Clay Soper Memorial Fund Secures $10,000 Grant from Rogers Family Foundation to Extend Impact of the 'If They Had Known" Documentary Program

Winchester, MA – February 12, 2024 – The Clay Soper Memorial Fund, a nonprofit organization committed to preventing teen accidental deaths due to prescription drug misuse, is excited to announce a generous boost to its educational initiatives. The organization has received a $10,000 grant from the Massachusetts-based Rogers Family Foundation. This funding will be dedicated to expanding the reach of the documentary program "If They Had Known" to schools in North Shore and Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts and Southeastern New Hampshire for free.

The Rogers Family Foundation's support furthers the Clay Soper Memorial Fund's mission to address the alarming rise in prescription drug abuse among young people. "We are grateful to the Rogers Family Foundation for their commitment to our cause. This grant enables us to reach more students and communities, empowering them with the knowledge to make informed decisions and prevent tragic outcomes," says Genny Soper, Executive Director of the Clay Soper Memorial Fund. "If They Had Known" recounts the final night of Clay Soper's life, highlighting the lethal risks associated with combining prescription drugs and alcohol. This documentary is a powerful educational tool, fostering peer-to-peer discussions among young people about the dangers of prescription drug misuse.

The Clay Soper Memorial Fund recently introduced the "Don't Play With Pills" social media campaign. This social media initiative is designed to heighten awareness surrounding the perils of prescription drug misuse, with a specific focus on individuals aged 16-25. The campaign takes a targeted approach, addressing the challenges faced by young people experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, and mental health issues. Many individuals resort to prescription drugs as a means of self-medication or recreation, often sourcing them from the street or social media platforms. Tragically, there is a lack of awareness among youth regarding the potentially lethal substances, such as fentanyl, that may be present in these pills.

Educators and parents interested in bringing the "Don't Play With Pills" campaign and the "If They Had Known" documentary program to their schools and communities can find more information at The documentary is also available for individual rental on Amazon.

The Clay Soper Memorial Fund, established in 2016 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, honors the memory of Clay Soper, a vibrant young man who tragically lost his life due to a toxic mix of Xanax and alcohol. The organization remains dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering today's youth with life-saving information about the risks of misusing prescription drugs and driving cultural change among young people.

RFF Grant Press Release
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