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Clay Soper Memorial Fund December Newsletter


Clay loved Christmas and all its traditions. As I attempt to decorate for the holidays, I am reminded that we will, again, have one empty stocking hanging from the mantel. Holidays are tough for me. It should be a time when families gather to share a laugh and enjoy good times together. However, for too many families, it's a time to mourn those no longer with us due to one bad decision.

Since the Clay Soper Memorial Fund was established, we have been dedicated to reaching teens regarding the dangers of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol. We have worked tirelessly to develop communication channels with high schools, communities, and colleges nationwide to help save lives.

However, today, our teens are faced with additional dangers regarding prescription drugs as the issue of Fentanyl-laced street drugs is out of control. Prescription drug abuse is threatening the lives of too many teens suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. Teens are struggling more than ever, and many are turning to the street or the internet to purchase prescription drugs to self-medicate their emotional health issues, not knowing they could be laced with lethal substances.

As a parent, you might be saying to yourself, "Well, my child would never take unprescribed prescription drugs." But the fact is - they might. Our new campaign, "Don't Play With Pills," was created to reach an even broader sector of teens - those who may be turning to prescription drugs for mental health reasons. Our mission is to educate, engage, and empower today’s youth with life-saving information about the risks of misusing and abusing prescription drugs recreationally or to self-medicate.

As we wrap up our Fall Annual Appeal, we send our heartfelt thanks to those who have chosen to support us. The Clay Soper Memorial Fund depends on donations, grants, and corporate sponsors to keep our work going. We remain committed to reaching teens, and with your help,

we are saving lives. We thank you for your past and continued support.

With much love and gratitude, Happy Holidays!


Raising awareness about how teenagers are approaching prescription drugs is critical to saving lives.

The Clay Soper Memorial Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing teen accidental deaths due to prescription drug misuse, is excited to announce the launch of its new campaign, "Don't Play With Pills." This initiative continues the organization's mission to educate young people aged 16-25 about the lethal risks of misusing prescription pills.

"Today, the dangers of misusing prescription drugs go far beyond just recreational use,” urges Genny Soper, Executive Director of the Clay Soper Memorial Fund. “Raising awareness about how teenagers are approaching prescription drugs is critical to saving lives." The Clay Soper Memorial Fund recognizes the urgent need to address this growing public health crisis by empowering young people with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Many teens have grown up using anti-anxiety, antidepressants, and ADHD medications or know someone who does. They may have little fear or concern about misusing them because doctors prescribe them. This lack of fear can lead teenagers struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, and mental health issues to use prescription drugs to self-medicate or to party. They turn to the street or social media to purchase pills without realizing that the pills contain lethal substances like fentanyl.

In response to this surging crisis, the Clay Soper Memorial Fund continues to expand their initiatives to provide educators and community leaders with a unique resource for youth substance abuse prevention. Through the social media campaign "Don't Play with Pills" and the documentary program "If They Had Known," educators can start engaging in discussions with students and teach them about the lethal risks of misusing prescription pills. "If They Had Known" recounts the last night of Clay Soper's life. Clay was 19 and didn't know combining prescription drugs with alcohol could be fatal. The life-saving message comes from Clay's friends and peers. The takeaway is genuine and impactful. The documentary, combined with the Program Toolkit, ignites peer-to-peer discussions about the toxic dangers of abusing prescription pills.



Please watch and consider making a donation.

Every dollar received helps us continue to reach teens with life-saving information.

Through our annual events, the Clay Soper Memorial Fund honors Clay's enthusiasm for adventure, his trust in people, the power he found in kindness, and his passion for skiing.

Clay Soper Memorial Weekend Championship

Hosted by WVBBTS & CSMF

March 17, 2024

Waterville Valley, NH

Join us in honoring the memory of Clay Soper and celebrating the 8th Annual Clay Soper Memorial Weekend Championship. This annual event highlights the dedication and commitment of weekend racers who give their all to the sport despite their limited training time. Clay Soper was a passionate skier who started racing at a young age and continued to compete throughout high school. As a weekend racer, he knew the challenges of balancing ski training with other commitments. His determination and love for the sport made him an inspiration to many.

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