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Our world changed forever in the early morning of July 18, 2015. We awoke from a call from our son’s friend telling us that Clay was on his way to the hospital. That night our son accidentally died from a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. No one at the party saw it coming. No one thought Clay was in danger. They had no idea combining prescription drugs with alcohol could kill one of them. Many of his friends, who also put themselves at risk that night, now carry the burden of wondering why they lived and Clay died. We never thought he would die from a night out partying. We never thought this could happen to our son or our family. When something like this happens, you realize you have two options; to get small and hide behind the circumstances of your child’s death or share your story in the hope that maybe you can make a difference and help others avoid such a tragic accident. We do this in memory of Clay. 

— Geoff, Genny, Ted & Allie Soper

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Clay Soper’s accidental death from mixing prescription drugs with alcohol shouldn’t have happened. Our documentary program, "If They Had Known," empowers young people with life-saving knowledge.

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